Dear customers! Dear friends! Dear visitors! We, too, will not be careless about the Corona Virus! We ask everyone who visits our branches in Kirchbichl and Güssing for understanding! We don't want to look rude, but we ask all of you to disinfect your hands before contacting our employees! Appropriate disinfectant is available for everyone!

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Spedition und Transport in Skandinavien, Österreich, Italien und Deutschland

Company profile

On the road through Europe for you...

TirLog Transport GmbH is a young company founded in 2007 by Robert and Michael Wohleb, with its registered office in Kufstein, Tyrol. As our employees all have years of experience in the carrying trade, we can offer you transportation of all kinds.

Our own vehicle fleet specializes in the transportation of goods of excess width and length. We have permanent authorization for this in Italy, Austria and Germany, as well as Holland and Belgium.|Our small fleet currently consists of 9 MAN TGX and 3 DAF, each with a Schwarzmüller tele artic.

These extendable trailers can be extended to 4 meters. Thanks to the light construction of our trailers, we can carry up to 24 tonnes with no problem! Our vehicle fleet is equipped with plenty of tension belts (DAN-500) as well as non-slip mats. Insertable rungs are also part of our standard equipment!

Spedition und Transport in Skandinavien, Österreich, Italien und Deutschland

Our philosophy

Traditional values in a modern company

As we are a family business, the personal contact with our customers as well as our forwarding agents is of great importance to us. Our crew consists of employees with many year of experience, all from Germany and Austria!

Our drivers constantly undergo further training, so that they are always completely up to date in matters of loading security and drivers working hours. The higher the quality of the drivers, the higher the quality of the company!

In order to offer our customers the complete range of service, around 30 to 40 freight vehicles are constantly on the circuit. These are tautliners, open artics as well as 3-4 tele artics. Our main routes are Germany, Italy, Austria, Benelux and England. We are happy to organize transport to other EU countries on request.

Transport und Spedition in Europa von Österreich nach Italien und Deutschland

Our Service to you

Care of our customers from inquiry to transport!

Our main concern is to offer our customers complete service! From collecting the goods to notifying the recipient - nothing is too much trouble for us!
Neutral deliveries are no problem for us either! All our planners carry a company cell phone so that you can reach them at any time. Should you require anything else, just let us know!

Your feedback helps us to improve our service!

Spedition und Transport in Skandinavien, Österreich, Italien und Deutschland

Here you can view a gallery of photos depicting our work together with an impression of life within our company!

CMR Policy

Your goods are in safe hands with us

Spedition und Transport für Österreich, Italien und Deutschland in Europa

however - an old proverb says that you cant make an omelette without breaking eggs!

I there should happen to be any damage during transport, we are well insured with ASKO. You ca quickly and easily download our CMR policy for your paperwork!

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Spedition und Transport in Skandinavien, Österreich, Italien und Deutschland

Austria - in the heart of Europe!