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It is our aim to offer our customers a completerange of service!

Transport und Spedition in Europa von Österreich nach Italien und DeutschlandWe set our standards high! However we constantly endeavour to offer our customers the complete range of transportation. Our main focus is on transport of over-wide, over-long and normal goods. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly!

Your inquiries will be processed as quickly as possible. One of the reasons we are able to do this is that we work closely with a number of forwarding agents. You can now view our "specialist areas" in more detail by clicking on the relevant section.

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Spedition und Transport in Skandinavien, Österreich, Italien und Deutschland


Excess-length transport

Too long? Not for us!

Ask for our quote today! Special goods need special handling!
Our trucks all have the necessary authorization to carry goods of excess length in Europe. In Germany and Austria our vehicles are permanently authorized to a length of 19m! In Italy we have permanent authorization for 7 to 19m and 3 to 17m!

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Excess-width transport

Permanent authorization up to 3m

after that on inquiry! In order to offer you that much more, we added 3 DAFs with authorization for excess width in Italy to our vehicle fleet at the beginning of this year! Now we are annually authorized to transport loads of up to 3 meters in width in Germany, Austria and Italy!

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Standard transport

Transportation with standard dimensions - but with special supervision!

One aspect of the complete service that we offer our customers is the transportation of "normal" goods. Thanks to our regular partners on the circuit - with 30 to 40 vehicles - we can make sure that your goods get from A to B in the required time!

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