Company profile

On the road through Europe for you...

TirLog Transport GmbH is a young company founded in 2007 by Robert and Michael Wohleb, with its registered office in Kufstein, Tyrol. As our employees all have years of experience in the carrying trade, we can offer you transportation of all kinds.

Our own vehicle fleet specializes in the transportation of goods of excess width and length. We have permanent authorization for this in Italy, Austria and Germany, as well as Holland and Belgium.|Our small fleet currently consists of 9 MAN TGX and 3 DAF, each with a Schwarzmüller tele artic.

These extendable trailers can be extended to 4 meters. Thanks to the light construction of our trailers, we can carry up to 24 tonnes with no problem! Our vehicle fleet is equipped with plenty of tension belts (DAN-500) as well as non-slip mats. Insertable rungs are also part of our standard equipment!

Austria - at the heart of Europe!